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Get together at the table
Between hockey practice, piano lessons, homework and commuting, your family may find that sitting down to dinner drops to the bottom of your weeknight priorities. But the benefits of eating together as a family go beyond bonding and quality time. Cutting calories the easy way
You may snicker when you hear your lunch mate order salad dressing on the side or ask the chef to “hold the mayo.” But these little tricks are excellent examples of calorie-cutting techniques that can help you maintain a healthy weight. Easy school lunches
Start the school year off right by filling your child’s lunch with interesting and healthy options. Try these 7 easy ideas that will take you from the grocery store to the lunch box with success. Shake up your lunch
Whether you brown bag it or head to the food court, adding some heart-smart foods to your lunch makes a lot of sense. Here are your best bets. A veggie and fruit feast
When was the last time your child tried a new vegetable or fruit? If you need some help, I’ve got five sure-fire suggestions that I’ve tried on my children with good success. Slimming summer swaps
Keep the weight off this summer by swapping your BBQ burger, potato salad and fatty iced cappuccinos with delicious kabobs, grilled lemon potatoes and homemade iced coffee drinks. Find out how. Playing with their food
Kids out of school? Nothing to do? Grab your spatula and mixing bowl and have some fun while teaching your kids about healthy nutrition. Here’s how. Eat breakfast
The first meal of the day is the most important. It provides the nutrition and energy you need, helps to control weight and is just plain good for your heart health. Here’s how to kick-start your appetite with new recipe ideas. Snack swapping
Want a healthier alternative for salty chips and candy bars? Try these five easy, on-the-go options for your children. Eating well to prevent stroke
Stroke occurs in young and old alike. But a diet that is high in vegetables, fruit and low in salt and fat is the perfect recipe for prevention. Take these easy steps now for a longer, fuller life. Super veggies!
Get your kids to eat these four vegetables, and you’re good to go to keep your kids heart-healthy. Yes you can. Try these steps to success. Cooking with herbs and spices
Lower your salt intake – and your risk of high blood pressure – by preparing your meals with garlic, turmeric and other flavourful additions. Here’s how to pair herbs and spices up with your favourite dishes. Do the switcheroo!
Your kids’ favourite foods – from chicken fingers to mac ‘n’ cheese – can be made healthier. Use these 8 easy substitutions. Carbs for your heart
Knowing which carbs to eat and when can help you control your hunger and protect your heart. Find out which carbs make the grade. Raising healthy eaters
No one has ever said that raising children is easy. The same goes for getting our children to eat healthy foods.This spring, try making a fresh start. Eat local!
Springtime kicks off the growing season in Canada. It’s time to start filling up your grocery cart with local produce as it becomes available. Freshen up school lunches
Tired of making the same-old, same-old? Try these 13 new ideas. Reel in the heart benefits of fish
Canada’s Food Guide recommends eating fish twice a week. Try these prepping tips and delicious recipes to meet your needs. Warm up the kids
It’s cold outside. Try these 5 hot food ideas for breakfast, school lunches and dinner. New Year’s resolution: steady your weight
Make this year all about maintaining a healthy weight. Try one or all of these 5 healthy eating habits to get started.
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