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Roasted tomato and cauliflower pasta bake
A pasta dish that’s sure to become a new favourite.

Spicy lentil zucchini sauce
This sauce is perfect for two dinners! 

Broccoli lentil pasta
This easy weeknight meal offers up a slight kick of heat from the hot pepper flakes.

Squash and feta penne rigate
Makes a delicious dinner one night, and a scrumptious lunch the next day.

Summer harvest ricotta pasta toss
When local vegetables are abundant at the market, highlight their fresh flavours with this simple pasta. 

Herbed barley bean “risotto”
Risotto, the creamy Italian rice dish, gets a fibre boost.

Chana masala
If you like your food spicier, add red pepper flakes.

Italian spinach baked eggs and noodles
Cozy cooked eggs are a wonderful dinner for those fall evenings.

Moroccan eggplant with tomatoes
This recipe lets eggplant’s natural flavour shine through.

Egg pancakes with veggies and rice
A fun way to pack a lunch, kids and adults alike, can put it together.

Lentil macaroni and cheese
With a little extra help from lentils this macaroni and cheese has a hit of protein.

Sweet potato bean and rice boat
Sweet potatoes are the perfect vessel for a spiced up filling of beans and rice.

Curried lentils and vegetables
A simple, yet richly flavoured dish.

Sweet pepper, beans and broccoli pasta
A delicious vegetarian pasta, ready in just 20 minutes.

Open face egg salad sandwiches
Transform an all-time lunch favourite with a little extra colour and crunch.

Orange soy tofu pockets
Add some magic to tofu with this punchy citrus marinade.

Fresh avocado and bean lettuce wrap
Creamy and colourful, these wraps come together in very little time.

Quick quinoa and veggie casserole
Get a plateful of colour from this comforting casserole.

Butternut squash Dahl
Use homegrown lentils for a satisfying vegetarian meal.

Red pepper and fennel frittata
The frittata is perfect for brunch, lunch or even dinner!

Quinoa lentil loaf
This hearty loaf is filled with fibre and protein.

Bean, lentil and brown rice casserole with chipotle peppers
Beans, lentils and brown rice pack a whole grain and vegetable protein punch.

Mediterranean tomato and ricotta pasta
No one will guess that the secret ingredient in this creamy pasta dish is ricotta.

Greek-style couscous and egg wrap
Using hard cooked eggs in sandwiches adds protein and a creamy texture to this filling.

Curried vegetable lentil stew
Fill your kitchen with the fragrant aroma of Indian spices.

Anna Olson’s sweet potato curry
This hearty, mild-flavoured curry is perfect for weeknight suppers.

Kohlrabi chickpea curry
Try this easy curry for a delicious dinner time recipe.

Egg and spinach pizza
Your family will love these mini pizzas for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Tuscan squash and herb farfalle
You’ll have this restaurant-calibre pasta dish ready in no time!

Multigrain thin-crust pizza dough
Homemade dough is a must for classic, flavourful Italian pizza.

Ricotta mint mini frittatas
These creamy frittatas are sure to become a brunch favourite.

Rapini pizza roll
Pizza rolls are a clever way to serve more vitamin-rich greens at dinner.

Mushroom tofu ragout
With a few simple pantry staples you can create restaurant-quality food.

Vegetable paella
One pot meals warm the soul during cold, winter months.

Chickpea “tuna” salad
Try this vegetarian-friendly tuna sandwich filling for lunch.

Indian vegetarian stew
Adding spices to tomato sauces jazzes them up and makes them sing.

Lentil millet burgers
Millet helps these veggie burgers pack a protein punch.

Pasta with peas and ricotta
Pantry staples help this comfort food come together fast.

Spiced garbanzo bean pie with potato crust
Enjoy one pie and freeze the other or pack the leftovers for lunch.

Fusilli pasta with chile sauce and black bean-fennel relish
This fresh, vibrant pasta is a great way to enjoy the goodness of vegetables.

Mexican bean burrito casserole
Perfect for a make-and-take meal when your family is on the run.

Sweet potato and chickpea risotto
This vegetarian main course is filling and comforting for a family dinner.

Wild rice and mushroom pilaf
Walnuts add healthy omega-3s to this tasty vegetarian dish.

Oven roasted falafel
These crispy vegetarian patties make an easy, inexpensive dinner or unique party food.

Maple roasted vegetables
Delectable, healthy and so simple, this recipe makes the most of fall’s harvest.

Mini tomato baked frittatas
Eggs and cheese are handy staples that can easily be turned into these mini frittatas to make a lovely lunch.

Confetti vegetable and bean tortilla stack
Chock full of vegetables, this vegetarian meal is colourful and perfect to serve up with a crunchy green salad. Enjoy any leftovers for lunch the next day.

Vegetarian coconut chili
This chili has just a hint of coconut to add a tasty twist. If you want a stronger coconut flavour simply replace the vegetable stock with coconut milk. 

Lentil burritos
This makes a satisfying vegetarian lunch with a touch of heat.

Vegetable and rice frittata
This quick, simple dinner is a wonderful way to clean out the fridge on Friday night, using up leftover rice and even last night’s cooked veggies. Plus, the leftovers are great for lunch – try them with pasta sauce.

No stir barley risotto
Pot barley offers up a creamy, rich tasting risotto with whole grain goodness and a slightly firm texture. Plus, it’s so easy to prepare because it doesn’t need to be stirred!

Creamy veggie curry
With a hint of sweetness to tame the slight heat, this flavourful combo is perfect to serve alongside grilled chicken or fish and basmati rice. Rice or soy beverage gives it a rich taste without a lot of extra fat.

Red beans and rice
Cooking the beans in the rice helps to create a creamy texture that is almost risotto-like. A hint of sweetness from the cinnamon balances the spices to round out this dish. Serve it alongside fresh steamed green beans or enjoy some crunch with fresh cut veggies alongside.

Kale and mushroom frittata
Kale is one of the best vegetables you can eat. It packs the best antioxidant punch of all the green vegetables. A frittata is a great way to use kale since it is slightly bitter.

Quinoa and lentil pilaf
Canada's Food Guide recommends that you make half of your grain servings whole grain. The Incas, who first cultivated quinoa in the Andes, called quinoa (pronounced keenwa) the mother of all grains.

Cheesy mushroom and asparagus bake
Cheesy mushroom and asparagus bake

Broccoli and California walnut noodles
Combining the vitamin-and-calcium punch of broccoli, omega-3 rich walnuts and cholesterol-free pasta, this dish is an energy boosting vegetarian meal.

Light farmhouse California walnut frittata
Frittatas (dressed-up quiches without a crust) make simple, satisfying meals. Change it up using your favourite veggies and herbs – try diced zucchini and basil for a fresh Italian flavour.

Moroccan spiced red cabbage
Cabbage is a nutrient-rich winter vegetable, which often goes unappreciated and forgotten. This recipe is very easy to prepare and works very well with pork tenderloin.

Maple roasted acorn squash
This recipe is really simple – and flexible. It can be scaled down to serve two or doubled to serve 12.

Easy kasha
It’s a great side dish on its own or can be added to noodles.

White bean pasta pot with tomatoes and herbs
This is an easy weeknight meal to enjoy on its own with some crusty whole-grain bread or add it to cooked whole-wheat pasta noodles for a great pasta idea.

Tofu hummus tortillas
This filling is mild and soft so if you don’t feel like tortillas you can serve it up as an easy dip or spread for sandwiches.

Tamari tempeh
Because it is so similar to tofu, it can be substituted in most cases for it.

Whole-wheat pizza dough
Make this pizza dough and keep it in the freezer for an easy weeknight meal.

Potato and sweet potato terrine
No cream needed here for a tender side dish that will remind you of scalloped potatoes.

Squash and spinach skillet side
Moist and colourful, this side dish is perfect for when you are looking for new ways to incorporate more squash into your menus.

Garlicky green beans
Cook your beans ahead and leave them in the refrigerator so an easy side dish can be warmed in a skillet, quickly and simply.

Baked chickpea patties
On their own or tucked into a pita, chickpeas make a delicious vegetarian meal.

Soy ginger glazed asparagus
Spring is a the perfect season for fresh asparagus. The soy and ginger glaze puts a delicious accent on its unique flavour.

Sweet potato pie (Trinidad)

Three bean stew (Latin Caribbean)

Rice & Peas (Jamaica)

Italian vegetable bake with lentils and pine nuts
This hearty vegetable bake is delicious on its own or can be used as a sauce for pasta or rice. It also boasts the added bonus of protein and fibre from the lentils.

Broccoli cashew stir-fry
A great side dish, no need for takeout.

Masa (corn) pancakes
These Mexican pancakes are a delicious change from the traditional sweet variety. They also make a great dinner dish.

Vegetable korma
One serving of the original recipe provides 2 servings of vegetables and is also an excellent source of Vitamin A (50%), a good source of fibre, Vitamin C (40%) and Iron (15%) and a source of calcium (8%).

Quick and easy spiced couscous
This couscous is scented with a hint of cinnamon and allspice. It’s a natural accompaniment for curries, chicken, lamb or pork.

Stir-fried vegetables with ginger and garlic
The colours and flavour combination of this dish complement any meat dish, from chicken to lamb to beef. You need only add rice to complete the main course

Maritime hodgepodge
This traditional dish from the Maritimes is a tasty way to eat more veggies. The colourful array in a light sauce elevates everyday day vegetables to something scrumptious.

Rainbow quinoa pilaf
Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is an ancient grain that contains complete protein making it super-satisfying for a vegetarian main course or side dish. It’s also quick-cooking compared to most whole grains – you can’t ask for a better reason to enjoy it.

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